Hand-made Holiday Gifts


Have you been working on hand-made gifts for the holidays? Feeling stressed trying to figure out some simple ones to make? We try to figure out some really quick gifts to make every year and this year we decided to have some quick classes to teach some of out quick-gift ideas.

We, at the shop, have all been obsessed with making infinity scarves out of our favorite fabric and now is the perfect time to make them for others. How about a pretty floral one? Or maybe a plaid one or holiday fabric scarf to wear for fun during the holidays? These great scarves take about 20 minutes once you’ve got the process down so knowing how to make them is helpful all year round for whipping up a quick gift.

A table runner is also a fun gift to give many people in many different fabrics, in holiday fabric or just in a favorite color of the recipient.

If you like to give wine as a gift, the bottle bags are a great way to make the wine bottle pretty. You can also easily make these bags different heights to be a gift bag for all kinds of things. Using fabric bags can also make you feel better about your impact on the environment since they are re-usable and not using up more paper.

If you have friends who like to sew, the pin cushion is a fun gift to make and give. They are such a cute pin cushion and have a nice weight to them so they stay put where you set them. Sandy even provides you with a kit for most of the supplies needed for this pin cushion (since we don’t sell some of them) for a small fee.

A zipper bag and some pocket hand-warmers would also make great gifts and stocking stuffers.

We’ve thought of some fun quick gifts you can make and have put together some classes where you can get started for just $10. Click here to check them out.




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