blogging for a small business

We are taking part in a blogging challenge and today is a challenge for sure. I have been home sick today and working on the books while home so not really thinking about inspiring crafty things to write about.

I am lucky that I have great people working at the shop so I can stay away when sick. A few of them have even worked while sick lately which may be why I am sick and even why some of them got sick. This is a problem we small business owners face and there is not much way around. I wish that it was easier to tell everyone to just stay home if you are sick, but then we would have a hard time opening the shop some days which in turn would lose us sales and in turn would make it hard to stay open. Thank you to all who work so hard and I apologize for not being able to say “just stay home”! Thank you for letting me stay home!

It is December and time to be trying to reconcile everything in the Quickbooks so that we can get our taxes done quickly in the new year. I have to get this done very early every year because I still have a child in college and we need to fill out the FAFSA finacial aid application each year which needs to be done well before the tax deadlines for businesses and personal taxes. This puts pressure on to get things done as early in January as possible. So…I really should be spending more time at home over the next several weeks to get all this book work reconciled and ready for the accountant.

So…the blog today is more about the not so exciting but essential things going on behind the scenes of my little quilt shop.

If you read this post, thank you!

I’ll work on more exciting things to come!